Maximizing Opportunities: Self-Employment and Salaried Work in Spain

In Spain, it’s entirely possible to juggle being self-employed while also holding down a regular job. This setup, known as Pluriactividad (Multi-Activity), is recognized by law and offers individuals the flexibility to run their own business while maintaining employment with another company.

Here’s a breakdown of what this arrangement entails and the advantages it offers:

Understanding Pluriactividad (Multi-Activity)

Pluriactividad (Multi-Activity) allows individuals to be both self-employed and salaried employees simultaneously. This means you can operate your own business venture while also working for another employer.

Benefits of Dual Employment – being Self-employed and salaried

There are several advantages to being both self-employed and employed:

1. Savings on Contributions: As a pluriactivo, you won’t need to pay separate contributions for common contingencies since these are covered under your employment as a salaried worker.

2. Temporary Contribution Reduction: Full-time pluriactivos can benefit from reduced contributions, paying only 50% of the minimum base for the first 18 months and up to 75% thereafter. Part-time workers enjoy similar reductions.

3. Diverse Income Streams: Having multiple sources of income provides financial security and the potential to earn more each month. Pluriactivos can combine earnings from both self-employment and employment.

4. Excess Contribution Refunds: If you’ve contributed to both the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers and the General Scheme and have overpaid, you may be eligible for a refund when filing your Income Tax Return.

5. Flexible Retirement Options: Pluriactivos have flexibility in retirement planning. They can choose an active pension, continue working while receiving 50% of their pension, or opt for combined pensions.

6. Flat Rate Contribution Reduction: Pluriactivos may qualify for a reduction in self-employed contributions through the flat rate scheme, provided they meet certain criteria.


Balancing self-employment with salaried work offers numerous advantages, from financial benefits to flexible retirement options. By understanding the intricacies of Pluriactividad and its associated benefits, individuals can make informed decisions to optimise their professional and financial well-being.

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