Business Owners

One-to-one business accounting service, because business is personal

Business Owners

One-to-one business accounting service, because business is personal

You created your business to give yourself the financial freedom and time to live the life you want. We make the numbers make sense, and give you the advice, services, and support you need to remove the overwhelm, help grow your profits and make that happen.

If you’re tired of feeling confused looking over your P&L and other reports, it’s time we talk.

We do business accounting differently. We make sure you have all the information you need, and empower you to understand the numbers, giving you clarity and guidance to make the best decisions for your business.

We go the extra mile to help you and your business thrive, whether you’re serving clients in the Canary Islands, Europe or worldwide. We get to know you and your operations inside out, supporting you as you work towards your goals, finding creative ways to save money and increase profits.

Sure, you can do anything, but you don’t have to do everything. Think of us like an extra part of your team.

With our business accounting service we take care of it all, from startup services to payroll, bookkeeping and tax preparation, so you can have more time with your family or living life, with less time thinking about money.

Business Start-up Services

Starting a business in the Canary Islands can feel overwhelming, coming up against a language barrier as well as bureaucratic red tape and navigating all the legal requirements. We’ll take care of everything on your behalf and guide you step by step, laying the foundations for your success.

Before we officially create your company, we’ll talk you through the best option, evaluating your needs, goals, budget, projected income and when you plan to go big.

For those who anticipate fast growth or need to consider civil responsibility, we generally recommend setting up as an SL (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada) or limited liability

We can set up your SL company in approximately three weeks.

We submit the paperwork electronically, which halves the time it would normally take, although the offices close in August and the process can also be slightly delayed by public holidays.

If you plan to start small and anticipate slower growth with a net income of less than 40,000-50,000€ per year, we recommend going “Autonomo” (self-employed) to begin with. You’ll benefit from lower tax rates and it’s much easier to set up, taking three working days to register you.

Other start-up services include:


New to the island?

If you’re new to the Canary Islands you’ll need your Residencia or TIE to start a business.

If you already have your NIE, we can give you a letter to help with the residency application process, stating that you intend to start a

You can also use this at the bank with your NIE and a copy of the model we use to register your business to set up a resident’s account, rather than starting with a non-resident’s account which you’ll have to change later on.

We collaborate with a company specialising in taking care of residency paperwork to make the process run much more smoothly.

Buying a business in the Canary Islands

As part of our business accounting service, we assist with due diligence checks before you go ahead and purchase a business.

We’ll check for any debts against the company and that they have a current license to operate. We can look over the contracts you’ll inherit for existing employees and also look over the books to review the income and try to project some future profit margins.

If you decide to go ahead we can help you change the license into your name.

If you’re a self-employed freelancer or Autonomo purchasing from another Autonomo, any existing debts will stay with the previous owner. However, we can help make the “trespaso” (lease transfer) on any premises and check the operating license.

From the first meeting with Ivo & Raquel I felt they had all the knowledge to help me progress in my business. I would 100% recommend them, they have changed my business for the best.



Ongoing support and advice

No one wants to pay more than they have to, and there’s always money to be saved. With our business accounting service, we give ongoing support and advice with your taxes, any available grants or subsidies, and look at ways to make your business the most profitable it can be.

You didn’t start your business to crunch numbers every day (that’s why we started ours!). But you do need to have a good overview and understanding of your business finances, to make smart decisions that help you grow.

We’re happy to meet as often as you’d like to go over P&L reports, translate them into plain English and look at your goals and how well we’re making progress toward them. There’s no one size fits all approach, we take each business individually.

Payroll services

Quarterly and Annual returns

You can either bring or send your invoices for income and expenses each month, and we’ll keep your books and official records up to date in compliance with local regulations.

You can request a P&L or any other report from the system at any time, and we’ll happily go over the numbers with you.

We’ll contact you each quarter to notify you of the taxes due, and also organise and present your annual business accounts together with your personal declaration each year.

Ready to take the next step?

Ivo Rosenov discussing his clients needs with her at his desk, as she sits with her back to the camera

Audits don’t have to be scary

Audit support

No one likes to hear the word “audit” mentioned, but it doesn’t have to fill you with dread. If you’re contacted for an audit let us know straight away and we can prepare your paperwork.

If you’re an existing client, we keep all your books and records in line with local statutes and if the audit only covers your business transactions, we’ll have everything they need.

Some audits also require information about personal expenses, in which case we’ll guide you through the process of presenting them.

If you’re a new client, we may have to organize your books and paperwork to prepare for the audit, but that will make everything much more straightforward both for you to have a good overview of your finances, and the tax office to see that everything is in order.

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